Dare&Go : The ally for international student in France

Personalized support for all international students, to help them with their integration in France!

Our Goals

Dare&Go Support System

We know how complicated it can be to arrive in a new country or city when you are a foreign student. But don’t worry about it ! Administration, Health care system, Housing and Daily Life, Dare&Go is here to guide international students in all aspects of their integration in France !

All informations explained by Dare&Go

Housing Informations

Dare&Go assists international students with administrative procedures related to housing in France: CAF, APL, insurance and housing contracts…


How to create a space on Ameli.fr or how to subscribe to a good health insurance company in France: Dare&Go answers all your questions about the health system in France as an international student!

Daily Life

Good addresses, emergency numbers, transportation: Dare&Go guides you in your new life so that you can fully discover all the opportunities available to you!

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Dare&Go Community

At Dare&Go we give take particular care of all students that we help, but also of all of our partners (companies and institutions) that follow us in this adventure !

They choose to work with us !