At Dare&Go we are here to listen and guide all international students !

Dare&Go explains everything that international students need to know about the French Administrative system & others, to improve their daily life.

Our philosophy








Social inclusion

What’s is a Helper ?

A Helper will have the answers to critical questions. Because of their good knowledge of the French system international students will save 105h of research on the internet !

We can help them with the fun part (like getting around their new town or giving them the best tips to save money) but also the complex aspects of moving in France (French Administration) !

Our Helpers

Our team of Helpers

We know that moving to France could be stressful and overwhelming for international students…Our team of Helpers are here to help and guide them during their stay in France ! 

We specialize in : 

Administration : we explain to students what the CAF and is the Sécurité Sociale, and we go through the documentation step by step with them. We can also go with them to the Caf and make sure that their files are complete, and clear to be processed quickly.

French Lifestyle : We take the time to show international students how the city works, the transport, the bars, the events. We explain to them how the French people live, move, go out etc…

Wellbeing : We are here to provide a strong social support system so that all international students can feel at home…in France ! 

Dare&Go Community

At Dare&Go we give a special place to all students that we helps, but also to all of our partners (companies and institutions) that follows us in this adventure !

They choose to work with us !