your Medias for international students

Our goal is to inform you in the best way possible on the french administration, culture, and system! 
That’s why we are a Media you can consult whenever you want !

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Mobile phones showing Dare&Go's medias for international students on Instagram and TikTok, showcasing posts with student tips and fun facts.

Our Instagram and Tiktok Accounts for international students

On our Instagram account, we share two weekly posts about administration, health, housing, or daily life in France!

On TikTok, we share fun and educational content about the French language and culture, as well as our best tips for an optimized student life!

Infos on french administration ! 👇


The Admin Newsletter helps you with all the paperwork. Each month, we guide you through the administrative stuff you need to handle in France.

The Frenchie Newsletter is all about diving into French language and culture. Discover the coolest events and everything you need to know about living like a local!

Our Youtube Chanel

We post many explanatory videos and step by step tutorials that you can follow at your own pace ! Our videos are available in 5 different languages to make all your administrative tasks the easiesr possible !

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Why our Medias for international students are the best ?


All of our Youtube videos are available in 5 different languages so everyone can beneficiate from it ! Ensuring that everyone gets the best infos is very important for us !


We cover a variety of subjects on our youtube chanel like : Administration (CAF, APL, insurance …), Health (Social Security, Ameli…) & Housing (Garant, Insurances…) !


We post videos in different format such as “explanatory videos”, “full guide videos” or “step by step tutorials” so you can choose the format you like best & get all the infos !