We are your guide, your support system for your studies in france!

What is Dare&Go?

Three international students smiling and laughing in front of colorful graffiti art in Bordeaux.
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At Dare and Go, we want to make sure that you feel at ease to follow your studies in France. This is why our team is here to help you out to the maximum!

The story of DareandGo

Dare&Go is the story of a girl who went to Brazil for her studies. Enjoying her time in South America, she decided to go on a solo road trip to discover four different countries: Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.
Everything went more than well; she learned so much from this adventure. The culture, the language, the people—every day was marked by new adventures and exploration.
Until one day, she encountered trouble. She had to face this challenge alone, far away from her family and friends, with no clue about her rights or the system where she was. She didn’t know whom she could actually speak to and get help from. She felt alone and isolated. Despite the difficulties, she managed to continue her travels.
And when she got back home, she promised herself to find a way to help other kids who, like her, dare to go but might feel alone when facing difficulties.

Ludivine Bourgeois, founder of Dare&Go, smiling with arms crossed in a red blazer.
What is important for us is that every youth who dares to go out of their comfort zone feels safe, surrounded, and supported enough to enjoy their time while exploring the world and learning many new things. We are their support system while they are far away from home!

Ludivine Bourgeois

Founder , Expert helper

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International students in France, And we aim to help as many of them as possible!

Because we do not claim knowing everything! We make sure to create a real community to help to the maximum and answer all the questions of the students thanks to our DAGHOOD. 
The Dare&Go Hood that is here to join forces to help all international students! We join forces with a community of helpers, each having their own expertise.

The Partners of the DAGHood

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Our HEALTH partner
SEMNO is one of our health partners. They will help you understand everything you need to know about insurance and Mutuelles in France!
Our Administrative partners
Discover Action Logement, who helps us with VISALE, and our lawyers who can guide you with your visa!
Our partners for social and cultural activities
We know how important it is for you to enjoy your time while studying in France! That's why we've partnered with ESN to ensure you have the time of your life!

We are always looking for new incredible partners.

If you share the same values as us and want to help international students integrate in France, feel free to contact us 💛