Our Mission

Welcome to Dare&Go!

Welcome to Dare&Go!

We are here to support universities in their mission to welcome international youth to France. Our personalized services simplify the integration process and help our clients thrive in their new environment.

Our Mission


At Dare&Go, our mission is to ensure that no one ever feels alone when facing difficulties or stepping out of their comfort zone. We aim to guide and support international youth and young professionals during their transition to life in France.

However, we are also aware that institutions welcoming international students may feel overwhelmed and out of their comfort zone. That’s where we come in – we are here for you too!

Our common goals


Facilitating access to rights.


Recreate a support system.


Improving their well-being.


Housing, health, and daily life can be a challenge when moving to a new country.That’s where we come in.

We offer personalized assistance to help international youth understand important topics like housing aids, home insurance, healthcare, public transportation, and more. We also provide cultural advice to help clients feel like true French citizens!

🏠 - Housing

We offer assistance to help students understand important topics such as the Caf (Housing aids), home insurance, electricity and gas, and departure, among others.

With our help, moving in and out of an apartment in France will no longer be a mystery!

❤️‍🩹 - health

We know the importance of healthcare for international students. That’s why we guide them through the French healthcare system, from mandatory health insurance to finding a good doctor.

Our aim is to ensure that students feel supported and healthy during their stay in France.

⛑ - Daily Life

We know that getting around on public transportation, finding the best places to go out, and discovering France  can be a challenge for international students.

Our team has some tips and tricks up our sleeve to make it easier for them, including cultural advice to help them feel like true French citizens!

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Dare&Go services

Dare&Go offers personalized services to support universities in their mission of welcoming international students to France. Our expertise in housing, health, and daily life can help institutions provide a smoother transition for their students, ensuring that they feel supported and healthy during their stay.

By partnering with Dare&Go, universities can offer their international students a support system and personalized services that fit their unique needs and interests, making their study abroad experience in France a memorable one.

The Welcome BOX

The Welcome Box of Dare&Go is your survival kit designed to help you get accustomed to your new environment in Bordeaux. The kit includes a well-balanced mix of well-being, sports, and discovery tips, along with practical assistance during your first weeks in Bordeaux.

The mentoring program

Our mentoring program is specifically designed to assist international youth with their French administrative tasks and daily questions. With six hours of personalized mentoring with an expert who understands the needs of the individual.

The master class

Our master class is also a unique opportunity for individuals to gain insights into French culture and society. The class is designed to help individuals integrate into French culture by providing guidance and support in a fun and interactive way.

You have a question, we give you an answer.

Most frequent questions and answers

You can get help with your administrative tasks by booking an appointment with our helpers. We will first do a 15-minute FREE assessment of your needs, and then the helper will propose a tailor-made program that fits your specific requirements.

With our master class, we make sure to explain everything about French culture to your students. We also take the time to answer their questions and provide them with a guide for their stay in France.

It is a 2-hour session with the students. The first hour is meant to provide them with an understanding of the French administration and its system. The second hour is a practical case where we help them with the first step of their administrative files.

The mentoring program is aimed at assisting international youth with their French administrative tasks and daily queries. The program provides six hours of personalised mentorship with an expert who identifies the individual’s needs. Upon receiving your message, one of our assistants will contact the student for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss and plan your mentoring programme.

You can contact the Dare&Go team to get a quotation on our service. Contact can be made through the email address: Ludivine.bourgeois@dareandgo.net.

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