We Are A Guide, A Support System, In EVERY RESPECT

Our culture

At Dare&Go, we are committed to putting people at the center of all our actions. We are convinced that our mission is essential: to support anyone who dares to step out of their comfort zone, without ever leaving them alone in the face of a challenge. We maintain meaningful relationships every day with our clients, partners, and ecosystem, based on values that are important to us: kindness, open-mindedness, transparency, and audacity!

who we are



At Dare&GO, we believe in treating others with kindness and respect, and always being there to help when needed. We listen to our clients and partners, understand their needs, and offer appropriate support. We encourage our teams to be kind to each other, create a positive work environment, and promote collaboration.


We are convinced that diversity is a strength and offers new perspectives. That's why we always strive to have an open, curious, and attentive mind, whether with our youth, clients, or partners. We encourage inclusivity in an increasingly diverse world, ensuring that everyone has the same chance to step out of their comfort zone while being well-supported.


Transparency is a pillar value. We are committed to being honest and authentic in all our interactions. We promote open and sincere communication at all levels. We believe that transparency is essential for establishing trust and credibility with our youth, clients, and partners.


At Dare&GO, we value audacity in our daily lives. This means stepping out of our comfort zone and daring to do even when it takes a lot of courage. We encourage our young people and teams to be audacious, to explore new destinations, to meet new people, and not to limit themselves to preconceived ideas. We believe that audacity is the key to discovering the world, living our dreams, and succeeding.

Our business

Our team is on a mission to empower everyone to live an audacious and fulfilling life. We aim to be the ultimate support system for youth, institutions, and companies in our environment.

From the very beginning, our guidance has been based on field experience to ensure that we meet the needs of our target audience: youth, who represent our future. Our company draws on both our personal experience and the collective experience of international youth to ensure that we never stop learning and improving.

We aim to create a new model where the guidance and support system we have created is easily accessible, personalised and human for young people who dare to live their lives outside of their comfort zones.

They trust us!

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Are you someone who shares our values, believes in our company, and supports our mission to empower young people to step out of their comfort zone? If so, we would love for you to become a partner of Dare&GO today and help us create a world where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed!