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At Dare&Go, we specialize in assisting schools and universities with welcoming new students to France.

Our services cover a range of areas including administration, housing, health, and daily life. Count on us to be your trusted ally for student arrivals in France.

About Us

About Us

At Dare&Go, we value kindness, respect, openness, curiosity, and transparency. We empower young people, institutions, and companies to achieve their goals and dreams through personalized guidance and support.

Our approach is tailored to each individual, and we work closely with our clients to provide the best experience.

Our expertise

Our expertise

Dare&Go is an expert in assisting universities and schools with welcoming new students to France. Our services cover housing, health, and daily life questions.

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We use unique, custom-built tools to ensure that we provide the best possible assistance to your students.

At Dare&Go, we strive to provide universities and schools with the necessary tools to successfully integrate new students.

Our goal is to be a support system for institutions in fulfilling their mission of welcoming and guiding students as they transition into their new academic and personal environments.

Choose Dare&Go as your ally for student arrivals in France and let us help you make the student integration process as smooth and successful as possible.


Step-by-step, our helper will show you the way through all the administrative procedures, and answer all your questions along the way.​ Learn more  
This workshop will show you your rights and resources that are available in the city and it will get you started on the first phase of the application process.​

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We have created the perfect survival kit for your trip to France, with everything you need to begin your stay!​

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With our blog you we make understanding the French system as easy as A, B, C, you will find all the most important information to succeed in your integration.​

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Personalized Solutions Tailored To their Specific Needs

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Friendly support to help them feel at ease in their new environment

We are experts

Assistance with French administrative tasks and daily questions, saving you time and energy​

You will be relaxe

We creat A smooth transition to life in France, allowing them to focus on having fun and enjoying their experience.

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🇩🇪 - Université de Bordeaux
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I met Ludivine, who helped me incredibly much with the whole process. After I had described my individual situation to her, she dealt with every single question and explained the steps to be taken. She doesn’t just deal with the questions superficially, but looks for the right solution for you.
🇩🇪 - KEDGE
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Ludivine helped me to fill out forms for housing assistance (Caf). By being in constant (friendly) contact with her, I got a feel for French customs in agencies and when to contact the Caf again. The certainty of having Dare&Go to help me in case of problems gave me the confidence...
🇮🇳 - Université de Bordeaux
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Very good service. I am a non French speaker. After coming to France, I was struggling with the French administrative terms especially with my bank card and La CAF. Most of the officials dont speak English. So Ludivine from Dare&Co met me and tried to resolve all my administrative problems by speaking the official persons in French. I was very happy by getting the help. Much recommended!

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The CAF is responsible for providing financial assistance to those who qualify. This includes the « Aide personnalisée au logement » (APL) which can be used to help with rent payments each month!

Before applying, ensure that you have an apartment lease in your name. Once you have the document, start the process as soon as possible (maximum 1 month before arriving in France).

Yes, we can help you! You can find useful information on our blog and Instagram, or you can schedule a personal appointment with one of our helpers.

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