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Introducing the french Health syteme:

When it comes to your well-being in France, think of Social Security and Health Insurance as a powerful duo, working in tandem to provide a safety net and ensure access to healthcare services.

Assurance Maladie VS Sécurité sociale

Imagine Social Security as the vigilant Batman, swiftly coming to the aid of French citizens during work-related accidents or times of illness. On the other hand, Health Insurance (also known as Ameli) plays the reliable Robin, an integral part of Social Security, focusing on covering medical expenses and guaranteeing top-notch medical care.

These two partners collaborate not only in offering financial protection but also in executing preventive initiatives and maintaining the balance of the French healthcare system. Much like Batman and Robin, the combination of Social Security and Health Insurance has your best interests at heart.

Now that you grasp the distinction between “sécurité sociale” and “Assurance Maladie,” it’s time to secure your health insurance coverage – a crucial step in your journey as an international student in France.

🦸‍♀️ OUR TIP : If you are a European citizen no need to get your French health insurance ! 

You might be in a unique situation and have questions. Here are our common answers.

European citizens who have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) issued by their home country’s health authority can generally access healthcare services in France under the same conditions as French citizens. This means that you might not necessarily need to enroll in the French health insurance system.

How can you apply ?

Applying for French health insurance through Ameli is as easy as pie for international students.
Just jump onto their website and hit that “Create my account” button.

Whip up an account with your details and a snazzy password, then dive into the application form. Fill in your info, show off your student status, and throw in some necessary documents to prove you’re the real deal.

If you’re living in the land of croissants, don’t forget to confirm your French address.

Give everything a double-check, hit submit, and now the ball’s in Ameli’s court. They’ll give you the nod of approval and send you a nifty Carte Vitale that’s your ticket to health coverage. Easy peasy, right?

The best web site to help you !


stands for ‘the name of the French Social Security website ‘. Social Security will provide you with coverage for your medical expenses when you arrive in France.

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