Unlocking Your Renting Power:

The housing benefits to Ease Your French Accommodation Costs!

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Introducing CAF:

Your Financial Boost for French Living

Ever heard of CAF? It’s the acronym for Caisse d’Allocations Familiales, which quite literally translates to the Family Allowance Fund. Think of it as your golden ticket to financial assistance, a payment that holds a special place in the hearts of French citizens. But guess what? It’s not just for locals – even you, international students, are in on this financial goodness. Cool beans, right?


In France, there are various financial aids available to international students, including CAF. CAF offers financial assistance, which is also available to foreign students. Within CAF, there’s the APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement), a financial aid for housing. This is the aid for which you need to create your application with CAF.

Am I eligible?

Normally YES, as long as you’re a student under 28 years old by September 1st of the current year.
Check your eligibility on the CAF website. 🤩  

Now, here’s the twist. A virtual key unlocks your eligibility status on the CAF website. Yeah, you read it right – virtual key, because we’re all about modern magic.



Documents you'll need, to unlock the APL :

🦸‍♀️ OUR TIP : No problem if you’re missing some documents to complete your APL registration. You can upload them later!

You might be in a unique situation and have questions. Here are our common answers.

 In a shared apartment, you can still receive housing assistance. The rent considered for calculating the aid is divided based on the number of roommates. Each roommate needs to apply for housing assistance individually.

Download your residence certificate from the “CITE’U” section on the messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr website. This certificate contains the required details for your housing assistance application on caf.fr. No need to send the residence certificate to CAF.

How can you apply ?

You can apply online or in person.
Oh, and in case you’re tangled in the web of confusion, worry not! Dare&Go is your trusty sidekick, guiding you through the labyrinth of administrative enigmas, making the process as seamless as a well-practiced incantation.
  1. Go to the CAF website. Start by creating your CAF account.
  2. Then, apply for APL (housing benefits).
Feeling confused? 🤯
No need to worry, we’ve held a workshop on this topic!
Catch the replay here
  1. prepare all the document listed above ☝️
  2. Then go to la CAF

📍 You live in bordeaux ? here is our trusted agency : Résidence Les traversants, 60 Rue d’Armagnac, 33800 Bordeaux.

 OUR TIP: It’s better to go on Wednesday mornings around 8:30 – 9:00.

How Much Can You Receive?

The grand finale, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the CAF allowance!
Drumming the mystical drums…
You could receive anywhere between €80 to €200. Indeed, a pot of gold that can truly shift the tides of your journey and really help you out !

The best web site to help you !


stands for ‘Caisse des Allocations Familiales‘. It is a financial support in France. Especially to help you pay your rent.

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