Tips for international students renting in France

10 Dare&Go Tips to Secure
Your Ideal Student Housing and Sidestep Scams!

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Welcome to France!
Avoid Apartment Hassles with Dare&GO's Tips:

Moving to a new country is exciting yet nerve-wracking, especially finding a place to live. As an international student in France, I get how eager you are for this new adventure, while also being careful about scams and problems when looking for an apartment. Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll share useful tips to avoid scams and make renting in France easier for international students like you.


Dare&Go renting tips:

Think of it like a Pokémon quest—explore trustworthy websites and consult official real estate agencies. Those ultra-tempting offers are akin to Instagram filters—don’t buy into them too quickly. If it seems too shiny, double-check it, alright?

A golden rule: never send money before visiting the place or signing a lease agreement in the presence of the owner or a representative from the agency. Scammers often use this tactic to steal your money without providing the promised lodging.

Goodbye Monopoly money! Opt for traceable payments, like bank transfers or checks. This way, in case of trouble, you can prove your transactions and avoid getting caught in the trap.

Before putting pen to paper, request an ID from the landlord or real estate agent. We don’t want a Sherlock pretending to be Moriarty, do we?

If possible, go check out the apartment in person. If distance raises concerns, ask for a live virtual tour, like a Facetime call among friends. It’s always better than trusting a video from 2005.If possible, go check out the apartment in person. If distance raises concerns, ask for a live virtual tour, like a Facetime call among friends. It’s always better than trusting a video from 2005.

f it sounds fishy, if the details are unclear, or if the owner pressures you like a sports coach, be alert. We’re not on Survivor, but it’s good to spot the fake games!

Don’t settle for a casual “Yeah, that’s cool.” We want something solid, something written! Read it as if you were devouring the ending of a Netflix series cliffhanger, point by point. 

IMPORTANT to get the CAF you need a contract in your name !   READ MORE HERE ! 

Share your apartment struggles with new friends, colleagues, and university teachers, Esn or even us DARE&GO we probably have great tips and hints to avoid tourist traps!

No stress, guys! The quest for the perfect apartment is a marathon, not a sprint. Better to take it easy than end up in a tourist trap, right?

The best web site to help you!


stands for ‘Caisse des Allocations Familiales‘. It is a financial support in France. Especially to help you pay your rent.

is a good place to find an apartment in France. It's one of the most popular online platforms for classified ads, and many people use it to list apartments for rent or sale. It offers a wide range of options in various locations across France, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking for housing.


is a French company that help student visit their apartment even if they are not in their new city


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