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Everything you need to know on CAF 💡

The CAF is the organization in charge of paying the different financial aid to individuals who meet certain conditions. Among these types of aid, you will find the “Aide personnalisée au logement” (APL) which will help you pay your rent every month!

If you’re a French or foreign student, if you don’t have any income and if you pay rent in France, then you are entitled to receive the APL.

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We can assist you with all the administrative procedures related to your housing. We can also put you in touch with our trusted partners to help you find accommodation.

You want to understand French insurance, to know what are the necessary documents and to know your rights! We are here to help you.

A problem with the CAF? You don’t know where to start? You want to go to the CAF but you don’t speak French! We can help you in your relationship with them!

Whether it is through personal consulting, workshops, or our blog we are committed to listening  and informing you oabout all the essential points for your good integration in France.

  • Appointment with la CAF
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