French health system:

Ameli, Mutuelle, European health card…

Dare&Go explains everything that international students need to know about the healthcare system and Ameli as a student in France.

Everything you need to know about AMELI for students in France💡

When you arrive in France, you will have the right to be covered by the universal healthcare system, you need to know that having Health insurance is mandatory for all citizens in France.

How it works :

Are you an European student ?
If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you do not need to register for French social security with the French social security system : AMELI.

You are a non-European student ?

You must register with the general French social security system. The registration is done online by connecting to the health insurance website dedicated to foreign students.

It is also strongly recommended to choose a top-up health insurance company ( in French : « Mutuelle » or « complémentaire de santé ») Doing this will ensure that you get the fullest reimbursement for your health costs !

Why you should get an appointment with Dare&Go

  • We help you communicate with the AMELI
  • We make sure your application is followed and taken into account
  • You’ll find the French bureaucracy easier

Dare&Go simplify

We can assist you with all the administrative procedures related to find a mutuelle. We can also put you in touch with our trusted partners to help you find accommodation.

You want to understand the French insurance, to know what are the necessary documents and to know your rights! We are here to help you.

You want to make an appointment with a doctor but you don’t know how? You need to be guided to find the right hospital, or, you want to be helped to make yourself understood. We are here for you !

Whether it is through personal consulting, workshops, or our blog we are dedicated & committed to listening and informing you of all the essential points to help you integrate well in France.

  • Appointment with la CAF
  • Informations on the French Social Security
  • Welcome Box for your arrival
  • Help to complete your administrative files

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