Complete Guide to French Health Insurance

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She helps you access medical care and covers a portion or even all of your medical expenses. Just like superheroes, who have reinforcements on their team, your health insurance can be reinforced by supplemental health insurance. So, equip yourself with health insurance and face all medical challenges with confidence! 💪

⚠️ Don’t forget, once you arrive in France and if your stay exceeds three months, obtaining health coverage is not only important, it is mandatory. And guess what? It is free for students like you!


Why is health coverage important?

The Assurance Maladie, also known as d’Ameli: It is the key organization that helps cover most of your medical expenses in case of illness or injury. Additionally, if health issues prevent you from working, it ensures that you do not suffer financially.

For example: Are you sick? Assurance Maladie will cover a large portion of your medical expenses.

Unable to work due to illness or injury? They will provide you with additional coverage or replace your salary.

How to join the French social security system?

To integrate seamlessly into the French social security system, simply register online here before your arrival. This ensures that you are well prepared and can enjoy your time in France without any worries.

Documents required for French social security:

💡 TIP: Did you forget to download a document? Or did you submit a non-compliant document? Stay calm! You can rectify this at any time through the personal space that you create during registration.

After successfully submitting your information on the website, what are the next steps?

After successfully submitting your information on the website, you will receive a temporary social security number. Additionally, you can download a temporary certificate of social security affiliation.

End of affiliation: what happens next?

Configure and manage your individual profile on Amé Cela devient votre centre pour toutes les procédures d’assurance maladie primaires, et vous pouvez suivre vos remboursements également. Get your CART VITALE. Wondering what it’s for? This card digitally transmits essential information to the health insurance for quick reimbursements. Find and inform the health insurance about your chosen general practitioner. All international students residing in France benefit from similar healthcare benefits – from hospital visits, doctor consultations, to acquiring prescribed medications. And if you’re on a tight budget? Apply for the “Complémentaire santé solidaire (CSS)” for additional health coverage, reducing your personal expenses. Additionally, for housing assistance, contact la Caisse d’allocations familiales.

The best web site to help you !


The CAF:
stands for "Caisse des Allocations Familiales". It is a financial support in France. Especially to help you pay your rent.


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