Our solutions for international students in France

Personalized help, Masterclass: all our solutions to support international students in their integration in France.

Our Goal 🚀

To Help international students in their new status of foreign students and to help improve their well-being.

How can Dare&Go helps them

Housing Informations

✅ Explanation of all kinds of help and rights they can get

✅ Help to create and submit files to all institutions (CAF, Housing Insurance,…)

✅ Personalized help for all international students

Health Informations

✅ Accessible explanation of the entire French Health Care system 

✅ Details and advice of all types of services and rights that international students can get 

✅ Help through all the administrative procedures (create an Ameli account, information about the “Caisse d’Assurance Maladie”…)

Daily Life

✅ Tips & Tricks for all the daily life aspects of living in Bordeaux (transportation, good plans and address…)

✅ A strong community thanks to our teams and partners, to support international students 

✅ Our blog to give all types of useful information

Our solutions

Time : 1h30 to 2 hours
We are coming into your school to explain in details to students all rights and help they can get from French institutions.

+ Case Study during the masterclass : explanation of all the steps to create and submit an administrative file online.

> Personal interviews : 1 hour
First meeting with a student and/or immediate concrete help with a specific problem.

> Mentoring : 5 interviews along the semester
Personalized support of a student for a long term period about different subjects and issues.

Why you should chooseDare&Go ?

We are here to help you support your international student by solving all their non-academic questions and issues

We manage to respect all the “Bienvenue en France” Label criterias

Testimonials and feedback of your international students about your school

Providing good support for the integration of your international students will make them become great ambassadors of your school

You have a question ?

We certainly have an answer !

Most current questions from internal students

Before applying you must be sure that you have an apartment lease in your name. Once you have the document, start the process as soon as possible. (you do not have to be in France but it is recommended)

The CAF is responsible for providing financial assistance to those who qualify. This includes the « Aide personnalisée au logement » (APL) which can be used to help with rent payments each month!

Yes we can ! We can help you with our blog, our instagram or you can take a personal appointment with one of our helpers !